Ian Brill

Ian Brill


Pittsburgh Resident and New York City native, Ian Brill is a multimedia artist whose work focuses on the accumulation of form through process. Through the creation of interactive, performative and multi-sensorial environments, he considers boundaries of becoming (versus being) and our immersive relationship with technology. His installations, performances and writing have been presented internationally, at conferences, festivals museums and galleries.

Brill has exhibited widely across North America and Europe with a recent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.

Currently, he teaches at Penn State University.


Ian Brill’s most recent exhibition is Currencies, on view in the gallery from 8 June to 12 July, 2023

Selected List of Exhibitions

2023 Plume, TELUS Spark Science Centre / Wonderspaces, Calgary, Alberta

2022 Resort, GLOWLAND, presented by Oakland Business Improvement District, Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Retreat, GLOWLAND, presented by Oakland Business Improvement District, 115 Atwood St. Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Fast, part of solo show “Supply and Demand”, Wood Street Galleries, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Impression, part of  solo show “Supply and Demand”, Wood Street Galleries, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Crawl, Radiant Ball, Radiant Hall Mckees Rocks, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 I  Work In Metals,  Curated Storefront, Akron Civic Theatre, Akron, OH

2022 PixElation, a collaboration with Chloe Baierl and Curated Storefront, Cascade Plaza, Akron, OH

2022 Magnet, Gecko Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Symposium, Quaker Square Galleries, Curated Storefront, Akron, OH

2022 Venus, Belvedere’s, Pittsburgh, PA

2022 Figure – Ground, San Diego Museum Of Art, San Diego, California

2022 Portal, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2021 Constant, Illumin-Ave, Hazelwood local, Pittsburgh, PA

2021 Aura , with Clara Kent, KST Alloy Studio, Pittsburgh PA

2021 Event Horizon, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2021 Arc, Wonderspaces, Austin, Texas

2021 09/09, a collaboration  with Shawn Rudiman at SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2021 Band, Curated Storefront / Downtown Akron Partnership / The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Akron, OH

2020 Plume, Wonderspaces, Scottsdale, Arizona

2020 Stimulus, 3 Dots, State College, PA

2020 Symposium, Light Play, Carry Furnace, Rivers of Steel, Homestead, PA

2020 Colonnade, Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley PA

2019 Perpendicular, First Night, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh PA

2019 Exponent, In collaboration with Curated Storefront at Mana Decentralized in partnership with Superchief Gallery during Miami Art Week 2019  

2019 Vault 4.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Voed, Permanent contribution to the Hieronymus Collection, Akron, PA 

2019 Aggregate, Rivers of Steel, Homestead, PA

2019 Shelter, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2019 Court, Hub Robeson Gallery, University Park, PA

2018 Vault 3.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Arch, with Mozilla, Github Universe, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

2018 Reverie, Curated Storefront / FRONT International Akron, OH

2018 Trunk, Curated Storefront / FRONT International Akron, OH

2018 Arch, with Mozilla, JSConference, Arena, Berlin, DE

2018 Arc, 707 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2017 Vault 2.0, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Gates, Thrival, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Channels, August Wilson Center, Multiple Choice, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Venus, Jailbreak Community Festival of Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Shōji, August Wilson Center, CREATE / Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Cabinet, Spirit Lodge, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Vault, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Hull, USX Building, Re:New Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Peaks, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 John Riegert, with Susanna Weyandt, John Riegert, Space, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Lining, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Gale, Three Rivers Arts Festival / CREate Festival, Pittsburgh, PA  

2016 Labyrinth, Light City, Baltimore, MD

2015 Labyrinth, Spirit Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Trunc, VIA Festival 2015, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Plume, Three Rivers Arts Festival / CREate Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Storm, McCain Gallery at The Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA

2015 TRANSMISSION- DOME, The Wander 2015, Unicorn Meat NYC

2014 Satellite, Spectrum / Artscape, Baltimore, MD

2014 Plume, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA

2014 TRANSMISSION- DOME, The Wander 2014, Unicorn Meat NYC

2013 TRANSMISSION- DOME, Surreal, Unicorn Meat NYC

2013 TRANSMISSION V, The Rex, VIA Pittsburgh


2013 Instabiles, with Andrew Hieronymi, 3 River Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA

2012 Wanderer, The Wander 2013, Unicorn Meat NYC


2012 TRANSMISSION II, Other People’s Phenomenologies, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 Double Random, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 Max Poetic, part of the Pittsburgh DATA awards Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh, PA 

2011 Graduate Research Exhibition, HUB-Robeson Gallery, University Park, PA 

2011 TRANSMISSION I, 707 Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 

2010 Ligature, Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA

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