RAGIONI | TECHNICHE announces it’s inaugural exhibition of work by Alessandra D’Agnolo. The show is called “Calce” and features new monotypes from the Venetian artist.

Here is the press release:

For Immediate Release
7 March 2022

Ragioni Tecniche Gallery is proud to announce its inaugural exhibition by Alessandra D’Agnolo, a native Venetian whose work has been exhibited across Europe and the United States. The exhibition, “Calce” (Lime) opens to the public on 10, March 2022 and will be on view until 24 April 2022

Calce is an exhibition of new monotypes containing lithographs based on photographs taken by the artist in Pompei, Italy. The works are hand-painted and create a dialogue between the mechanical and the painterly as pictorial narratives. The works include natural pigments from the Veneto region and gold leaf elements. The mixed media pieces are all made on hand-made lana paper. Each work is framed.

Ragioni Tecniche is a contemporary art space located in Campo San Beneto in Venice’s San Marco district. Gallery Director and Founder George Magalios comments on the inaugural exhibition by Alessandra D’Agnolo:

As I was conceiving of Ragioni Tecniche I knew I wanted the first exhibition to be of work by Alessandra. She is an artist’s artist who works within her own traditions, her own parameters and her own world, without regard to external trends in the contemporary art scene. Her work is very timeless in its aesthetic and very Venetian on the one hand while maintaining a dialogue with more transcendental inspirations of our spiritual natures.

For more information about Ragioni Tecniche and Calce visit ragionitecniche.com.